Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Have No News

Although it is handy that everyone is answering my phone calls right now; nobody wants to miss The Call announcing the arrival of Baby Glade. The absence of Baby News--or progress, or even encouraging news from the doctor--is disheartening, especially when I'm SO READY TO NOT be pregnant anymore. Maybe EVER. Again.

Moving On:
Over Memorial Day Weekend, we had Rob's parents and sister and her husband come stay with us. Rob's dad was celebrating the big Six-O, and since I had been advised not to leave town (due to a certain child who refuses to budge from his cozy Hotel Uterus room), they brought the party to us. Hooray! It was a very welcome diversion (Thanks, Becky, for letting my hijack some pictures off your blog).


Kari said...

ya know how I know they're from texas? blue bell ice cream!

Em said...

wow. where is that 2nd picture? how fun.

Kathryn said...

Finally an update. And your cake looks lovely. Good job. But why do I feel the sudden need to eat icecream? At 10:20pm? thanks a lot

Nancy said...

Yeah for having family diversions when your own little nuclear family refuses to grow out! Are you still on "bedrest?"