Monday, May 18, 2009

It All Started With An Apron

A few weeks ago TJ and I went to a local fabric store looking for cotton knits for diapers. Well, they didn't carry anything that I wanted to make diapers out of, but they did have all sorts of beautiful cotton wovens; I felt the latent sewing-bug stirring to life, and decided I needed to make an apron. I didn't love my first attempt, so had to try again. Much better. But I still had lots of fabric. So I made my niece a reversable smockette:

After a visit to the library provided me with a stack of sewing books, I made a kimono-style robe so I can lounge like a movie star whilst TJ scrubs the floors and cooks me dinner.
But my latest endeavor is probably the one I am most pleased with. Take a look at my pretty bag. I'm especially proud of all the cool little pockets and compartments on the inside. And it's all backed with heavy-weight canvas, so I can pile in all those library books without fear.

But I still have lots of fabric, so....


Katie Glade Bagley said...

How cute! You are amazing.

Ammon and Becky Sullivan said...

So cute! I've seen that fabric here and thought . . . "Man I wish I could sew because it would make something so cute"
Nice work!

Nancy said...

Latent sewing bug? I think there is something much larger in there trying feircely to get out! Good work. I am always amazed by you and your handiwork.