Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Games We Play

Climbing: definitely the number one interest right now. I cannot keep my child on the ground. And he LOVES all buttons/switches/power knobs, etc. So the combination of climbing + switch = nirvana.

This is the Victory Dance, performed whenever some particular bit of naughtiness has been successfully completed sans adult intervention. It's a good thing those twinkling eyes are so darn CUTE!

Clothespin Box: Hours of fun to be had here, my friends. He carefully arranges all clothespins along the edge of the box, then dumps them off and does it all over again.

Did I mention that the clothespins only came in a bin of 200?(!) Do you know how long in takes a little boy to line up 200 clothespins along the edge of various boxes and cans? I've never gotten so much done in HIS life!

Straws and Bottle: This is another big hit, and really helped us out on our recent flight(s) to Florida (more on that later); a beverage bottle filled with straws and tongue depressor sticks. He dumps them all out, carefully threads them all back in, one-at-a-time, then screws the lid on (this kid and screw-on/off lids... I could go on and on. He loves them. No bottle is too tricky for his clever, strong little fingers. I have Poison Control on speed dial. Soon, they'll know us both by our first names there. This is not a good thing).

Note the bubble wrap. This is another fabulous game that gives those same clever, strong little fingers some harmless goals. I'm loving it. While the dog may hate the constant cracking of the bubbles (he runs in terror every time), I LOVE that--not only does it keep him totally occupied--but it's a great audio indication of where he is at all times.
And here are a few of the things I've been getting done while my little one is so industriously engaged:
A diaper bag/changing pad set for a friend:

I LOVE the print of the waterproof laminate I found. Anna Marie Horner rules.
Lots of big pockets...
And a quilt for my mom. The pattern is a variation of a traditional Drunkard's Path.
PS: Sandy, you better come pick out your fabric....


Kathryn said...

I love the games, diaper bag and quilt. What a fun post. I'm going to look for those clothes pins. I think Lilly would love that. And she might even let Madeline play sometimes.

Em said...

wow. great ideas. we're flying to utah in a few weeks and i'll def be bringing a bottle that charlie can fill with delightful trinkets. :) now here's to hoping the diaper-less charlie can learn to use public bathrooms before said flight :)

Joe and Emily said...

We also flying ahead for us - 3 days of it over the next three weeks. I've got a travel aquadoodle and mess-free markers ready to pull out, some fun new apps on my itouch, and plenty of snacks to bribe with. Lizzie loves purses- emptying them and re-emptying them. I might have to put together a Lizzie purse just for the trip full of odd things like straws and clothes pins. This sort of thing works at church sometimes. One week we randomly found a small wrench in our diaper bag (thanks Lizzie) and it happily entertained her for 10 minutes. I didn't even bat an eye when she was chewing on it with pious onlookers.

And I must add that your sewing projects look impeccable. Seriously, they look beautiful and flawless. Good work. I wish you were nearer so I could watch and learn up close.

Nancy said...

industry must run in the family

Cody and Rachelle said...

I am so impressed with all the things your make! You are very talented. Thanks again for the birthday bag, I was seriously in need of one just like that. My blog is codyandrachelle, if you want to check it out. I am always up for more blog friends!!

Tyler-n-Terrah Harper said...

Wow! Melanie, your little boy is so cute! I love that he enjoys playing with the clothes pins. We may have to try that in my house!

kristin said...

i must know, where did you get the pattern for the diaper bag?? you did a great job:) miss y'all!

Charisa and Trent said...

thanks for the fabulous game ideas! i'm just not sure how long they would keep Kiari entertained... i'll just have to try them and see.
just a thought... if you were to switch to melaleuca you wouldn't ever have to call poison control again. :o)
love ya!!