Thursday, August 20, 2009

Walking Chair

Our new house has lots and lots of tile. It's actually great for Chasqui and TJ, and it's super easy for me to clean. Plus, it enables TJ to play this cool new game:

I keep finding chairs in the funniest places; in the bathrooms, in the pantry, in the entryway, in the laundry... TJ is busy rearranging the furniture!


Em said...

that is so fun. who needs baby walkers anyways? charlie did that the whole time we were at my mom's with a stool. and i saw the boon high chair in the video. how are you liking it?

Kathryn said...

How do you stand the noise of the chairs?! I can't imagine that it's ever a surprise to find the chairs have been moved what with the sliding noise and him squealing with glee.

my word is bursi: the burps that come when you drink pepsi too quickly

Nancy said...

That was the exact things that our kiddos did as soon as we moved in AZ where there is tile everywhere! What a doll.