Friday, July 15, 2011

Long HOT Summer Days

We've been really busy, but not with blog-worthy things. Mostly we're just trying to keep cool. We've had 23 days in a row of 100plus degree days; it actually rained this week and broke the streak--one day stayed in the 90s--but now we're right back up in the over 100 degree days again. Last Saturday Rob's work had an outdoor party to welcome the new residents; it was 111 degrees (with humidity!) that day; some welcome, huh? It's been really hard on TJ to not be able to play outside much. We've been going to the pool tons, but he really misses just being able to run in the yard. Some days he still tries. I love this picture, because it's so easy to see just how HOT he is.
I took a photography class some time ago, and have been tinkering around with cameras and lenses and reading photography books while I nurse. Not to mention I have such cute little subjects to photograph... I've been reading alot about the technical aspect of making photos, and playing around with it. I'm rather pleased with some of the effects that can be achieved through aperture adjustments.
And I've been busy stalking Andy in an attempt to capture one of his elusive, darling smiles. He's been smiling for more than a month now, and this is the best I've managed yet:
It's hard to get a picture of a smile, because he only smiles at people, not at mechanical objects like cameras. And I have to say, that when we're sitting and having a smiles session, I'm loath to interrupt it with a camera. I love this shot of his pretty eyes:

And aren't my men handsome? I'm so happy Rob has some sons in his life. He's such a good daddy.

Andy keeps getting cuter and cuter. He's relapsed in a horrible way this week: he had been sleeping through night, and this week he stopped. It's actually been pretty rough, he's been up way too much wanting to eat and party and socialize. His smiles are so darling, but not between the hours of 1 and 5AM. Unfortunately, I've been seeing way too many of them, though.

Gotta love those eyes. A set of chocolate ones, and it looks like a set of blue ones, wouldn't you say?

Yes, he's still here.

Today I mopped the floors. TJ figured if I was doing it, it MUST be fun. He kept asking for the mop, and saying "TJ have a turn, TJ turn?". I gave him the mop when I was finished, and he "mopped" for the next hour!!! Now, can I teach him to effectively clean toilets? When does it stop being fun? How can I harness this wonderful energy?

Please note the outfit. He dressed himself today. Okay, he dresses himself most days. All-red days are particularly funny to me; he tends to insist on a red shirt most days, and he loves these silly red socks. But he'll usually allow me to temper the look with, say, denim or khaki shorts. Not today. Pick your battles, eh?


Rich and Erin said...

Please tell me you knit those pants Andy has on in the first pictures?? And those kids are just too cute! I love the picture of Rob with the boys, LOVE seeing Dads with their sons, so precious! Sorry it's so hot there!

Kathryn said...

I'm here. I'm reading. Keep posting. Love your kids, but when do we get to meet Andy?